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The Hike By: Allison Farrell

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Looking for the perfect book to help build your child's vocabulary? Well, this is it! The Hike contains everything you need to have a rich reading and talking experience with you child. While the story is printed in the middle of the pages, the characters also have speech bubbles which add humor to this story. My favorite part is the pictures around the borders of the pages which label all the things the girls see while on their hike. The story is engaging, the pictures are well done and there are loads of words to talk about from the pictures. If you haven't used books to help you talk more with your child, this is a great one to start with.

Expansion activity: Take a hike where you live. What can you find that is in the book? What new things can you discover? Don't forget to describe and label things everywhere you go. Also, research shows that spending time outside helps with anxiety and depression, as well as offering sensory (sound and touch) experiences for your child.

I hope this helps you to Read, Explore, Talk and Enjoy this moment in your child's life.

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